The best place to eat fish in Seville

Fish is king in Jaylu’s kitchen. Nonetheless, ham, seafood and meat have their own space in the menu. Land & Sea. In the kitchen, fish is king.

Flavours, aromas, tradition, modernity, good work and much more come together in one of Seville’s most experienced restaurants.

It should come as no surprise that the masterful culinary creations offered by our chef, Enrique Caballero Baños, feature only quality products selected “in situ” at major Andalusian ports. A case in point are Grilled Meagre, Mural Sole Filets, Hake Neck with Olive Oil, Grilled Pipefish Belly, Salt Baked Gilthead Sea Bream, and Cod with Pil-Pil Sauce.

Fish - Restaurante Jaylu

To further develop this product-based culinary concept, Enrique personally goes to the market to buy fresh fish with the best organoleptic qualities. We firmly believe in and uphold this concept every day.

It is not just about fresh fish, but also about delivering added value. The fish selected by Jaylu must meet our criteria for texture, firmness, thickness and other factors that cannot be unveiled here. Jaylu relentlessly focuses on providing a dining experience of pleasure for the senses in Seville. For all. Our team works hard every day to achieve this.