Product kitchen restaurant

A unique gastronomic experience

Restaurante Jaylu is a family project that took shape in 1967, and remains well alive and vibrant as the first day.

The same applies to its products. Fresh produce from across Spain is delivered daily to our kitchen; the perfect ingredient for the best menu.

Our deep held culinary conviction only makes sense when based on fresh and seasonal raw materials.

Although our menu and tapas revolve around the sea, we also explore the offerings of the land. Quality and safety are the hallmarks of our culinary concept, which seeks no other end than to satisfy the palate of our patrons.

Restaurante Jaylu is a charming place where every single detail is well thought out to provide the service the customer deserves. It is located in the popular district of Triana, not far from the historic centre of Seville and the River Guadalquivir.

All patrons, including national and international master chefs, praise the care with which each product is treated. “A product-based cuisine”, they say.

Restaurant - Restaurante Jaylu

Our extensive experience, effort and determination to deliver a job well done have garnered positive reviews. One only has to ask our loyal patrons, who have become more like family.

Restaurante Jaylu aims to continue this philosophy into the coming years. We seek to maintain our dedication, passion and balance to achieve success.

Restaurant - Restaurante Jaylu