The best place to eat ham in Seville

The best quality

Tasting a good ham is capable of provoking a host of unique sensations. That is precisely the philosophy that prevails at Jaylu. A culinary concept based on the value of the product above all else, a staunch defense of the ability of food to generate emotions.

In this sense, Jaylu cannot be conceived without the experience of eating ham. One of the house specialties are the different and original ways of cutting it.

However, behind this pairing there is a lot of wisdom and effort on the part of Enrique Caballero Baños, our chef. It is not just about putting a plate of acorn-fed ham on the table. There is much more.

At Jaylu, they are mainly committed to products from here, from Andalusia. They trust in the acorn-fed ham raised and cured in the Sierra de Huelva.

The period after the slaughter, which takes place during the months of January, February and March, is the time preferred by Enrique Caballero to choose the hams to be tasted in his establishment.

Ham - Restaurante Jaylu

The selection process that is carried out is completely manual and individual. Enrique personally travels to the headquarters of his trusted producers and, once there, begins his selection piece by piece.

He analyzes its appearance, observes its infiltrated fat, talks with the butchers in charge of butchering the animal, inquires about the curing time… and then, ham by ham, selects the best. On average, 600 acorn-fed hams are needed to choose 100 destined for the Jaylu Restaurant.

But what texture must be given to know that quality ham is going to be eaten? In Jaylu there are only “breva” hams, this is how a ham that is at its best is defined here. This curious denomination is received because the bacon sinks easily as it is very tender. That is a symptom of an acorn and of being able to be in Jaylu.