When talking about Jaylu, the conversation inevitably turns to seafood. The two go hand in hand. Any person, whether with a vague knowledge about our restaurant in Seville or a first-time visitor, will soon discover the special place that seafood holds in our establishment.

It is not enough for the products to be fresh or alive; more is required. Possibly for this reason, seafood is particularly popular amongst our Sevillian patrons.

Seafood lovers can find a wide variety of quality products at Jaylu. Enrique Caballero Baños, our chef, travels daily to the coast of Huelva and Cádiz to buy the best raw materials available for his product-based cuisine.

Once at the fisherman’s wharf, Enrique personally chooses the produce, selecting each shrimp and prawn.

At all times, he seeks to source species from the Andalusian coastal area, although admittedly we also buy seafood from Galicia and France. This is the case of Gillardeau oysters, scallops or Carril clams. In these cases, we source from our long established, trusted suppliers.

In addition to these products, you can also enjoy shrimps, prawns, Norway lobsters, giant red shrimps, scarlet shrimps and lobsters, amongst others. Nonetheless, the selection of seafood depends on what is available fresh from the market.

There are other factors other than freshness that also characterise the seafood available at Jaylu. Being alive is not the only requirement. The final quality of seafood is ultimately determined by its organoleptic qualities.